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When you take on some outside clients for whom you run online campaigns, you might be wondering, do you go through the process of setting up a WordPress blog for them, where you have all the premium content? It’s all about that primary blog with the really good content, Ed calls it the champagne content, it’s that really high quality content on that primary blog. Then you use the other networks, or all the different ways for getting links to link back into that. You might be wondering, is that primarily what you’re doing?

Exactly! As an SEO Expert. It’s like I call it, putting the t-ball on the stick when you set up that blog. Then you go along and whack it with the bat. That’s putting the off site content and hammering it to that. Google just loves it. They’ll shoot it up. Once you have an authority blog, you can rank for any long tail phrase overnight, within hours really.

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You might be wondering, what are your thoughts on building up networks of sites and things like that? This is getting caught up in the whole tactics of SEO and building your blog networks to support sites. If you’ve got a new client, are you looking at building a couple of blogs or do you just build them that one blog and then promote it through the different methods and then say, focus in on that?

No, I build several. You start with your money page or your money site which has got your core content and then you should definitely have a support network if you want to make it really strong. The great thing is, if you’re doing this for other people, you can build them their site in the middle and you can rank from the sites around it. They don’t have to have ownership of that. That can really be a good way to lock in a service fee.

I was talking to Marc Lindsay the other day and he was talking about the biggest growth that they’re seeing in their business is coming from taking these external clients on board and it’s funny, I’m almost hearing that echoed from you. Now you might be wondering, getting these external clients can be great potential?

It’s enormously profitable, just like being a SEO expert, a lot more than selling an ebook. Maybe because we speak every couple of days, that could be part of it too. He’s a very switched on guy. You should listen to anything Marc Lindsay says. Those guys are doing a great job.

Now you might be wondering, working with those off line clients as well, we talk about in the internet marketing niche going after particular keywords, and you’ve got every man and his dog going after it. When you’re doing localized search and you’re going for ‘dentist Toorak’, or even ‘dentist Melbourne,’ it’s so much easier to go for something like that than it is for some of these more competitive terms.

It’s so easy you have to back off a little bit. I took an ultra competitive market locally and within one week I owned most of page one and I had to back off, I was worried about getting booted for over optimization. You have to be careful not to use too many of the tricks in your bag of tricks because you can actually cause yourself some pain.

As an SEO expert I find that you really end up being a big fish in a little pond and you just absolutely dominate.

They love you for it too, they are like your best friend. I was literally called into the office of one of my clients a few months afterwards and they asked me if we were doing anything illegal, because they couldn’t believe the increase in results from what they had. They had a very poor performing site that was nowhere to be seen; it had no on page optimization, no off page links, nothing. We absolutely dominated and they couldn’t believe it. It was super human results compared to what people expect.

Some of the basic stuff we’ve talked about is enough to go out and generate thousands per month from a decent client. So just take some of the ideas and run with them.

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