Wireless Products

Industrial wireless products may be what your company needs to optimize its Internet usage. Such products make industrial devices directly accessible from the wireless network. This type of system eliminates physical wires while providing key benefits to your network, including mobility, flexibility, wider coverage, and cost saving. People can use wireless technology for short-range, long-range, and cellular devices.

Bluetooth devices eliminate the need for short cables. While Bluetooth devices only work within about a twenty-foot radius, they do make an office much neater and more versatile. You will no longer have to worry about hiding a wire beneath the carpet if you want to move your printer across the room from your keyboard. It also helps keep employees desks less cluttered which helps optimise productivity. If you have ever picked up wireless in a coffee shop, chances are it was through an 802.11 Wi-Fi system. These systems provide robust wireless network connectivity for associated computers up to 300 feet away from the access point. The most powerful are 900 MHz industrial wireless products. These work for whole buildings, going for a range of up to forty miles.

Cellular devices make it simple and inexpensive to connect serial devices with embedded computers such as vending machines and variable message boards. Since cellular infrastructures exist throughout the world, this solution is a good way to connect such systems. For all of your industrial wireless needs, you should log on to NetEon.net. NetEon is your one-stop solution for Industrial Ethernet, Industrial wireless products, fiber converters, and active Ethernet I/O.

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